Restoring sash windows can be a very costly. Carried out poorly/incorrectly and they will not last very long. After a few years, the process may have to be repeated. One of the most important things restoring any sash window is to know that the wood is dry, moisture- and rot-free. Ignoring this problem can have an adverse effect on newly applied paint, timber or glazing installations.

As window renovation specialists, our investments in the latest technological advancements means you get the most thorough inspections and the most energy-saving results. We use these alongside our years of experience in determining the state of old sash and case windows. We test for water damage, damp wood/walls, and air infiltration or heat loss around your windows.

Moisture Test

Moisture has a detrimental effect on materials like wood and stone. That’s why it is essential to determine if it is present in any part of your sash window or areas surrounding it. We use a moisture meter to determine the level of water present in the wood. We then carry out appropriate treatments & repairs to the damage areas. This ensures our work will last many years maintenance free.

Thermal Imaging For Air Infiltration Or Heat Loss

Before we install our draught proofing system we can test your windows for any signs of air infiltration or heat loss around your windows with the thermal image camera so we can pinpoint any problems unseen to the naked eye. Not all old windows are perfectly aligned so we also check the level of gaps in each window. This allows us to fit the correct gauge size of draught pile. After the installation of the draught proofing, we will then re-test your windows to make sure our draught proofing is correctly fitted and they are energy efficient.

Our Service Is Better for you. Better for us. Better for the environment.

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