Our Services Are Designed To Restore Your Original Sash & Case Windows & Make Them Energy Efficient

Repairing & Painting Your Sash Windows

Our sash and case exterior window Repair & Paint Service comprises of repairing or replacing rotten timber, preparing the original paint surfaces and re-painting with our Exterior Paint System that offers high gloss protection with 8 years weathering durability. By adding our draught-proofing system will make your windows more energy efficient.

Upgrade Your Sash Windows to Double Glazing

Our double glaze upgrade service is designed to fully restore your sash windows & install double glazing. This will radically improve your original windows and make them energy efficient.

Replacing Your Sash Windows

Only in extreme cases is a sash window beyond repair. Should this be the case, we offer a full replacement service. We can supply solid redwood timber sash and case windows. Fitted with a choice of glazing units.

Draught Proofing Your Sash Windows

By simply installing our ECO Sash & Case Draught Proofing System you can bring your windows up to a more comfortable standard of modern living. Our draught proofing service is designed to radically improve the performance of your windows with as little visible alteration as possible. Our draught proofing system is the best on the market today.

Painting & Refurbishment of Your Interior Sash Windows

Interior sash and case windows need to be painted regularly to prevent deterioration of the timber and to improve their appearance. One of the main problems for interior windows, especially in older buildings, is condensation. This can cause black mould (which can trigger allergies, asthma and sinusitis amongst other health risks) and the wood to rot.

Thermal Imaging & Moisture Test For Energy Efficiency Sash Windows

Restoring sash windows can be very costly. Carried out poorly/incorrectly and they will not last very long. After a few years, the process may have to be repeated. We use the latest technology from thermal imaging scans to moisture tests to make sure your, sash window repairs, draught-proofing or double glazing upgrades are energy efficient and will last many years.

General Sash Window Repairs

We offer a full repair service for your sash windows, from, sash rope & pulley repairs, timber repairs, mastic repairs, shutter repairs. Many of the materials we use are eco-friendly. Our service is better for you, better for us, better for the environment in many ways.

Slinlite glazing

Glazing Repairs & Glazing Energy Efficient Upgrades

If the glass on your sash windows is broken or damaged or you would like to have a specific type of glass installed then we are able to re-glaze your windows. From general glass repairs to double glazing & specialized glass upgrades.

secondary window glazing

Energy Efficient Secondary Glazing

Installing secondary glazing will significantly improve a building’s environment by providing improved thermal performance, noise reduction, as well as enhanced security. Integral seals are effective in minimizing the ingress of dust and dirt, thereby helping to preserve clean areas.

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