Secondary Glazing Services

Installing secondary glazing will significantly improve a building’s environment by providing improved thermal performance, noise reduction, as well as enhanced security. Integral seals are effective in minimising the ingress of dust and dirt, thereby helping to preserve clean areas.

Major Benefits

  • Warmer, improved thermal insulation by reducing heat loss and excluding draughts. This means lower energy bills, a smaller carbon footprint and higher rated Energy Performance.
  • Quieter, more effective noise insulation leads to quieter, less stressful environments and reduced sleep disturbance. Secondary glazing can be a very effective way of meeting exacting noise criteria demanded by planning authorities.
  • Safer, provides an additional security barrier that will deter intruders, offer protection against blast and even against fire arms or fire.

No permission is required for this so is suitable for use within conservation and listed buildings.

Units we fit

  • Horizontal Sliding
  • Vertical Sliding
  • Demountable Fixed Panel
  • Hinged Casement

Horizontal Sliding Units

Lift Out Units

Vertical Sliding Units

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