Sash Window Rope & Pulleys Repairs

Sash cords and pullys may wear out over time. The attached weights will fall to the bottom of the case if the cords snap, making it difficult to open the window. Over the years sash cords may have become subject to wear and tear and require replacement. Sash windows are counterweighted so that they can be operated easily. We will fit new sash cord of the same diameter as the old to avoid snagging on the pulley so your sash windows operate easily.

We can replace your old worn out sash cord with premium quality cord of three different thicknesses and lengths which are sag and abrasion resistant. For those of you with sash windows that no longer operate because the sash cord has been cut or is rotted, we can help.

  • Broken or worn sash cords
  • Broken or worn sash pulleys

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