Full Sash & Case Window Refushbishement & Draught Proofing

One of the most popular services we provide is the full renovation, painting, and draughtproofing of original sash and case windows. Original timber sash and case windows play an important role in defining the character of a traditional period home. That’s why Eco Sash & Case will always aim to repair windows, where we can. Our industry-leading techniques help to eliminate rattles, draughts, leaks, and noise problems, giving your windows a new lease of life – and you a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Exterior Paints

Our exterior paint system outperforms conventional gloss paint systems by up to 3 years producing a finish with excellent resistance to blistering, cracking and peeling that will last many years maintenance-free.

Traditional Charm, 21st Century Performance

Our highly skilled staff can bring your old sash windows back to a more traditional look with our Exterior Paint System that offers high gloss protection with 8 years weathering durability.

A typical sash window refurbishment will involve

  • Replacing any rotten timber
  • Restoring & preparing the original sash casement
  • Replacing any broken glass
  • Fully painted with 3 coats of exterior grade paints
  • Replacing the external pointing with traditional sand mastic
  • New sash ropes & pulley wheels
  • Energy-efficient draught proofing
  • Brighton sash locks
  • Sash window ironmongery

By Restoring Your Sash Windows, We Can Help You

Eliminate draughts & rattles | Enjoy more energy-efficient windows | Reduce outside noise | Add value to your home

rot woodold sash window
Skilled Craftsmen

Our highly skilled staff can fully restore old windows in our dedicated workshop even if they appear to be beyond any repair.

Our Highly skilled Staff Can Bring Life Back Into Your Old Windows

Despite its appearance, the wood in this window is generally of sound condition, and it can easily be restored to provide many decades of further service. We can fully restore old windows that appear to be beyond any repair. In addition to our repair and refurbishment, it is possible to upgrade old sash windows to levels of energy-efficient performance comparable with modern replacements.

Trees for life

How We Offset Our Carbon Footprint Restoring Your Old Sash Windows

Every sash window job we complete we plant a tree with Trees for Life. Trees for Life is an award-winning Scottish charity working to restore Scotland’s, Caledonian Forest. Their vision is to restore natural forests and rare wildlife to a spectacular wilderness region of the Scottish Highlands.