Repair & Paint Services

Our Repair & Paint Service

Our sash and case exterior window Repair & Paint Service comprises of repairing or replacing rotten timber,
preparing the original paint surfaces and re-painting with our Exterior Paint System that offers high gloss protection with 8 years weathering durability. The windows are then repointed with traditional sand mastic.
By adding our draught proofing system will make your windows more energy efficient.
Our Repair & Paint Service is a thorough job using exterior rated materials that will last for many years maintenance free.

Environmental & Benefits of using eco-friendly paints

  • Last longer than conventional paints
  • Upto 8 years weather protection
  • Always stays bright white, never discoulors
  • Will not pollute the environment

Our Repair & Paint Processes

This Service includes

  • Replacing any rotten timber
  • Restoring & preparing the original sash casement
  • Replacing any broken glass
  • Fully painted with 3 coats of exterior grade paints
  • Replacing the external pointing with traditional sand mastic

Optional extra work if required.

  • New sash ropes & pulley wheels
  • Energy efficient draught proofing
  • Brighton sash locks
  • Simplex easy clean system
  • Interior window painting
  • Sash window ironmongery
  • Shutter repairs

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Old sash windows that appear beyond repair can be fully restored

We specialise in restoring old and rotted sash and case windows back to their original condition, even if you have been told, they are beyond any repair. Our work is guaranteed and offering savings on replacing your original sash windows. If you are considering using our services please take a moment to watch our full Repair & Paint service video.

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