Our Sash Window Glazing Services

If the glass on your sash windows is broken or damaged or you would like to have a specific type of glass installed then we are able to re-glaze your windows. You will be able to choose from a large variety of glass that we have. Working in both commercial and domestic properties daily.


Slimlite double glazing
Acoustic glass
Glass repairs
Replacement of broken or misted double glazed units
Security Glass
Heritage units for listed buildings
Toughened glass and specialized glass

Normal Glazing Repairs

If the glass on your sash windows is broken or damaged, we offer a full glass replacement service for sash windows.

Upgrading To Acoustic Glass

Acoustic GLASS is available in thicknesses from 6.8mm-12.8mm. As the thickness is increased, further sound reductions are achieved although this comes at a significant monetary cost and an additional burden of weight which is often not practical. The glass is clear to look through so does not affect the look of the windows at all.


  • Reduces noise in single glazed windows by up to 5dB
  • Reduces noise in double glazed windows by up to 10dB
  • Enhanced security due to the shatter resistance of laminate glass improved energy efficiency
  • No listed building requirements for historic buildings.

Upgrading To Double Glazing

If you are considering up grading your windows to double glazing, it is not always necessary to replace the sash windows. We can remove the existing glass and fit new double glaze units. The windows are re-weighted to suit the new weight of window for ease of action.

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