Energy Efficient Double Glazing

Sash & Case Refurbishment With Double Glaze Upgrade Service

For a building to be truly energy-efficient, it must have energy-efficient window solutions installed. Our double glaze upgrade service is designed to radically improve your original windows and make them energy efficient.

It is important to understand that not all double glazing is the same and does not offer the same level of thermal insulation. We offer 3 of the best energy efficient glazing options, Slimlite double glazing, Heritage double glazing, Pilkington K Glass. Glazing units are from 8mm, 9mm to 12mm thickness. Whatever solution you choose, your new double glazed sash windows will provide 3 to 5 times more thermal insulation than your current single glazed windows.

Your windows are then fully painted with a three-part exterior paint system. Our 3-part exterior gloss system offers high gloss protection with weathering durability that will last for many years of maintenance free.

Our Upgrade Processes

Top and bottom sashes are removed. The glass is removed and rebate (edges) tidied up or routed out to take new glazing choice. The windows are fully inspected for any rotten wood and repaired as required. The rebate is primed. The new glazing units are fitted. Face putty finish externally on sashes. The windows are re-weighted to suit the new weight of window for ease of action.

The sash case is fully inspected from sills, parting beads and pulley lining for any rotten wood and is repaired as required. Poor condition paint is removed and sanded down. Windows are filled where required. One coat of primer is applied to new or bare wood. One coat of undercoat is applied, followed by one or two coats of gloss.

Sand Mastic Finish:
Existing mastic is removed. An insulating foam is inserted around the case between the stone and wood. The window is then re-pointed with traditional sand mastic.

Draught Proofing:
The baton rods are removed. They are routed out to take the appropriate gauge of draught pile. The lower sash window is routed along mid and bottom rails and fitted with 12mm gauge draught pile. About our draught proofing >

The working condition of existing sash rope is checked, and new sash rope can be fitted to the windows if required. Pulley wheels are inspected and can also be replaced if necessary.

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Thermal Imaging Test

for the best energy-efficient double glazing installation

After we install our double glazing and draught-proofing we will test your windows for any signs of air infiltration or heat loss around your windows with our thermal image camera so we can pinpoint any problems unseen to the naked eye. This means you get the best energy-efficient double glazed sash windows. Watch our video on installing our double glazing.

More about thermal imaging sash windows >

Make Your Home More Comfortable and Energy Efficient by Installing double glazing & draught proofing into your existing sash windows No more condensation problems or unwanted external noise. You will save money on your heating bills too.

Ready to make your sash windows healthy & start saving money on your heating bills?

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