Edinburgh tenement owners warned over climate change impact

The new guidance reports that Edinburgh will face unprecedented weather events, with homes being disproportionately affected by changing rainfall patterns and an increase in extreme weather events.It also lets people know how to identify damage to sash windows and how to carry out repairs to keep properties wind and watertight.

Sash window

Etape Caledonia 2019 Charity Cycle

Eco Sash & Case Team. Three members of Eco Sash & Case cycle a combined 210 miles in Etape Caledonia 2019. Raising funds for The Bike Station a local Edinburgh charity that helps children in poor areas get out and cycle.

Eco sash & case team

Eco Sash & Case Tree Planting Scheme

Every job we complete we plant a tree with Trees for Life

Trees for Life is an award-winning Scottish charity working to restore Scotland’s Caledonian Forest. Their vision is to restore natural forests and rare wildlife to a spectacular wilderness region of the Scottish Highlands.

Trees for life

Trees For Life

The Caledonian Forest is one of our most important forest ecosystems, providing a home for spectacular wildlife, it is severely fragmented, and in many places consists entirely of old trees.

A Magical Forest Habitat

Trees for life

Trees for Life’s tireless efforts over the last two decades have created an expanding home for thousands of important species, breathing new life into one of the world’s most magical forest habitats.
Gordon Buchanan, Trees for Life Patron.

Environmental safe paints & materials

We use interior & exterior paints that will have little impact on the environment to paint sash windows. All the paints we use are low or zero VOC.

Eco safe paints

Responsible Waste Recycling

As a service, we recycle all waste generated during our work process, wherever possible. Including glass, wood and unwanted ironmongery.

Thermal Image Scan

Our investments in the latest Thermal Imaging Technology means you get the most thorough inspections and the most energy-saving results.

Moisture Detection Technology

Moisture has a detrimental effect on materials like wood and stone. That’s why it is essential to determine if it is present in any part of your sash window or areas surrounding it before any works start. We use the latest technology in moisture detection to determine the level of moisture present in the wood.

Testing sash windows

Lakeland Paints

Natural and Organic – Reduce Global Warming

We use Lakland paints for our interior sash window painting

  • NO Solvents or *VOC’s, white spirit etc – Helps to REDUCE CLIMATE CHANGE
  • NO heavy metal – all are totally VEGAN and As NATURAL as NATURAL can be.
  • NO vinyl chloride, acrylic softeners, plasticisers or fomaldehyde.
  • NO Phthalates, APEOs, Bisphenols = Cancerous hormone-mimics affecting Women, Babies and causing deformity in the Foetus. FREE of All PLASTICS.
  • NO pesticides, herbicides or toxins.
Lakeland paints

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Environmental issues are becoming more visible. As a company, We’re fully committed to keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. We use materials that will have little impact on the environment wherever possible to repair/replace and paint your sash windows. All paints we use are low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) We cut down on unnecessary replacements of parts if they are still in good working condition/order. This, in turn, keeps our carbon footprint down.

Toxic window paint

100% Traditional & Natural Sash Cord Rope

We are now pleased to say we can now supply and fit 100% traditional & natural organic cotton sash ropes

Eco friendly sash rope

How Traditional & Natural Sash Cord Rope Is Made

How traditional sash ropes have been made since 1856