We specialize in the restoration & repair of original sash & case windows across Edinburgh Lothian’s and borders.
We can fully repair & paint your windows and if required upgrade them with our draught proof system and double glazing.

Our services are designed to fully restore your original sash & case windows & make them energy efficient. We use the latest technology in Thermal Imaging Scanning Technology to ensure you get the maximum energy efficient window repair installation service.

Our staff has collectively accrued over 65 years of experience between them working with sash & case windows across the Edinburgh area ensuring that your project will be handled by the most experienced & knowledgeable tradesman.

We work with our customers every step of the way, from our thorough evaluation of your current sash windows to the free quotation based on your requirements and budget. Whether it’s a standard renovation, double glazing upgrade, draught-proofing or a new sash window manufactured to match your existing sash windows, we have the perfect solution.

Our Sash & Case Services

Our ethos for restoring sash windows is to preserve original timber where possible, particularly the good quality timber found in old windows across Edinburgh & the Lothians. We use materials from paints, wood, fillers that will have little impact on the environment wherever possible to repair and paint sash windows. We can upgrade your windows with the latest high-performance draught proofing system with slim double glazing units or Acoustic glass will greatly improve your sash windows energy efficiency. If you find that your windows are beyond repair we offer a full replacement service.

We are fully focused on providing a top-quality window service for our customers and are proud to provide a selection of our unique repair & restoration service and double glazing upgrades.

Your windows matter more than you think. Poorly-installed windows, old windows in need of repair all contribute to a property leaking energy and heat. Our services are designed to make your original sash & case windows energy efficient and save you money on your heating bills.

Rotted window
Rotted window two

Been Told You Need New Windows?

Old original sash and case windows were well made using seasoned wood of the highest quality.
They have been around for more than a hundred and fifty years. The owner of this old window was told the window needed to be replaced at a cost of around £400. The fact is that this window did not need to be replaced as it was easily fully restored.  After our repairs, this window will now last many more years. The cost to restore this window was £164.



Repair & Paint

Repairing, painting, and optional draught-proofing your existing sash windows will make them more energy efficient thanks to our specialist overhaul system. This includes replacing any rotten timber, fully painting, repointing and draught-proofing if required.


Renovate & Double Glaze Upgrade

Our double glaze upgrade service is designed to make your existing sash windows energy efficient. This includes renovating fully painting, repointing and draught-proofing the windows with double glazing upgrade.

Combined with our enviro-friendly service and materials your windows will benefit from...


No More Draughts, Rattles & Condensation

We can upgrade your sash windows with draught proofing and slim double glazing. Eliminating draughts, rattles and condensation. And fully painted with eco-friendly paints.


Save Your Original Sash Windows

We always restore and conserve where possible before offering complete replacement for sash windows


Save Money On Your Heating Bills

Less heat lost through your sash windows means lower heating bills for you. On average ECO sash & Case customers save around 25% on their heating bills.


Less Outside Noise into your Home

Combining draught proofing with double glazing will significantly reduce the amount of external noise intrusion into your home.

For a building to be truly energy-efficient, it must have energy-efficient window solutions installed.
Old sash windows can be responsible for draining a huge amount of energy from your home.
That’s why we offer great products from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, from the glazing itself right down to every element of each and every window frame.

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